Christmas Poster 2008

Poster was made by Paul.

Press Release

Known for their impeccable musicality and unique brand of humor, The Other Guys are the University of Illinois' premiere men's a cappella group. Since their inception during the 1968-69 school year, The Other Guys have evolved from an amusing diversion to a popular, high profile, international traveling group of good will ambassadors. The current group continues to build on the tradition - a tradition that is characterized by musicianship, comedic spontancity, and time-honored dignity.

The Other Guys perform at over 100 different venues a year, as well as every Glee Club concert. Their resume includes appearing at Chicago's United Center, Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field, New York City's famed Gotham Comedy Club, the Broadway production of "Grease", command performances in Washington D.C., Google Headquarters, Lucasfilm Inc., Roger Ebert's 10th Annual Film Festival, copious alumni events thoughout the country, and numerous shows in Europe. Your continued support of this group promotes the coninuance of a great tradition that we call The Other Guys.

Current Members

  • Alex
  • Steve
  • Paul
  • Ryan
  • Jon
  • Wyatt
  • Mike